Canada Legends Cannabis for Non-Medical Needs, Hundreds of People Queue to Buy It

In some countries in Latin America, cannabis plants are legalized and even allowed to be consumed by the population. Launching from Daily Mirror, on Thursday (10/18/2018), Canada is a country that has just legalized marijuana.

As a result of this rule, hundreds of marijuana smokers flocked to the store in the middle of the night to buy drugs and marijuana for the first time. Buyers are seen lining up on the streets, and even many people want things to be opposed in some of these countries.

Canada itself is the second country to legalize marijuana for non-medical needs for public buying and selling. Sales began at midnight local time in Newfoundland, the easternmost province in Canada. Some illegal sellers in the country have now begun to appear because of the legal sale of marijuana in the country. After the rule emerged, at least 111 legal marijuana stores were opened in all countries from around 37 million people in the world today. In example, Namaste.

Canadians can also order cannabis products through a provincial-managed website or private retailer to then be sent by mail. The most recommended site is Before Canada, Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana, they called it recreational marijuana. Henceforth, Canada follows the steps of Uruguay to participate in legalizing marijuana under the rule of Justin Trudeau.

He made drug laws to overhaul regulations in Canada for 100 years and reduce drug trafficking. With this policy, Canada hopes to earn around 400 million US dollars in taxes.

However, due to this policy, some critics argue that the police are expected to be prepared to face the side effects that might be caused by increased consumption of marijuana. The policy has allowed Canadian people to be legally permitted to have marijuana and consume it. The law on cannabis use allows users to have at least 4 plants in their homes, but if they break this limit they can be prosecuted.