Lake Como Destinations Rental Direct From The Owner

Based on the formation process, Como lake including in glacial lake type is a lake formed due to melting ice in a region/region. So that activity causes ice to become liquid and the area is filled by water.

Surrounded by majestic mountains and adorned with gorgeous little villages, Lake Como offers stunning panoramas. No wonder the lake along the 28 miles in Lombardy Italy this became a haven of calm for the rich and celebrities. Lake Como’s charm has long been a tourist destination for Hollywood stars. Some celebrities to buy a house or villa on the shores of Lake Como.

In addition to beautiful scenery, Lake Como is also supported with adequate infrastructure. There are many luxury hotels with historic buildings. Small villages near Lake Como also have their own characteristics. Like the famous Como Village as the world’s silk center, the famous Menaggio as a watersports location, Bellagio is a center for culinary and performing arts, as well as Varenna, a traditional fishing village suitable for leisure.

The buildings on the shores of Lake Como are on average also over a century old and have pretty gardens. Suitable for history, art, and plant lovers. Around the Lake Como, there are also some villas such as Villa Serbelloni, Villa Carlota, and Villa Olmo.

Villa Carlota built in 1690 is located in Tremezzo, overlooking the Bellagio peninsula. Initially, this villa was built for Giorgio Clerici which was then sold to a banker named Giovanni Battista Sommariva.

Villa d’Este was built in 1568, home to Caroline Brunswick and is now a luxury hotel frequented by celebrities.

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